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   The Client tracks down The Stepfather

Fifteen-year-old Brian Cramer, a descendant of Chief Red Cloud, has pitched his way into Major League scouts' radar but faces challenges at home. If not for his loyalty to his mother and ten-year-old sister, he would seek refuge from his abusive stepfather with relatives at Pine Ridge Indian Reservation. A homicide happens near his home. He suspects his stepfather. His girlfriend convinces him to talk to her grandfather, an attorney. Brian leads a detective to incriminating evidence, but his stepfather flees. Brian must decide--pitch in a championship game or track down the killer into a national forest where only one will survive.


Began while I was a volunteer for a seventh grade writing class.

Two time finalist in the Cascade Writing Contest for Unpublished Young Adult Fiction.

Currently being pitched to publishers by my agent, Linda S. Glaz of Hartline Literary Agency

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