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 The Manchurian Candidate hunts Angels and Demons

     Josef Stalin has established a top secret committee to subvert the Roman Catholic Church and have it report to Moscow as he did to the Russian Orthodox Church. Colonel Dvakonov plots to install a Communist pope. A Catholic altar boy, Michel Chudzik, 12, runs away from his Warsaw home in search of love and freedom. Dvakonov takes him in and brainwashes him.

     Now a priest in St. Lo, France, Michel meets Gabrielle, who is infatuated with him. He avoids her, but Dvakonov sends assassins to kill them both. Michel has but one choice to survive, and he will need Gabrielle’s help.

     Currently being pitched to publishers by my agent, Linda S. Glaz of Hartline Literary.

     2021 Finalist in Pacific Northwest Writing Association Writing Contest for Unpublished Historical Fiction

     2022 Finalist in Oregon Christian Writers Cascade Writing Contest for Unpublished Historical Fiction

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