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Hooked on action. After college I didn’t read fiction. I purchased business and computer books and studied them regularly. Not long after I’d been involved with the design of linear actuators for the Jurassic Park movie, I traveled to England on business. On the way back I read the book Jurassic Park. I became addicted to thrillers and suspense. I read most of Michael Crichton’s, John Grisham’s, and Tom Clancy’s books, and then I read Vince Flynn’s and Brad Thor’s.

     Several years later, while embroiled in a legal dispute concerning a land development project in Mexico, my son suggested I write a novel about it. That began my fiction writing career. That manuscript was seriously flawed but I finished it. Since that time, I’ve completed eight manuscripts - three have been finalists in major writing contests. Four are in my literary agent's hands.

Stalin brainwashes a boy to become a Communist pope

A rogue detective chases after a crime boss who murdered his wife

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